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Digital Vertical Marketing provides search, social media and high-end branding services for business-to-business companies in highly-focused vertical markets nationwide.  

What makes us different:

  1. We offer strategic Search and Social Media Marketing services – with systems, programs and high-end custom services all aimed at true marketing and business objectives.
  2. We KNOW your vertical industry!  

Industry cateogries iclude: BioScience, Cleantech, Green Building, Embedded Systems, Industrial Distribution, Healthcare, Medical Devices, Professional Services and Software and more.  

Headquartered in Upstate New York, the company sells throughout the US and has a presence in major metro markets. 


Who we are

Who We Are


Digital Vertical’s Service Lines include: 

  • Custom Services (search + social + branding)  
    ….led by our industry mavens, we utilize our high-end skills of media relations, buzz-building and promotion, along with our technical search and social media experts to guide your business to new business models, markets, services and new heights in your vertical industry. Find out more. 
    for online market and industry positioning  
  • Programs (strategic search + social media) 
    …. combining search and social marketing tools, techniques and systems to specific business marketing objectives, within you vertical industry. Find out more. 
    for real, measured business results
    • industry and online marketing experts guide your business to hit marketing objectives in your vertical industry
      • lead generation
      • new product launch
      • new market expansion
      • geographic expansion
      • AND MORE
  • Systems (search + social media) 
    …. giving you search and social marketing tools, tailored to your vertical industry 
    for hitting tactical marketing objectives
    • Strategic Vertical Search: a traffic-building system, designed and targeted for your vertical industry to drive more meaningful website visitors
    • Local LeadGen: an online lead generation system to find prospects at the local and regional level, in your vertical industry, of course.
    • Tweet4Sales: a great social media starter kit, using Twitter as a means to get your industry-specific message out and generate new website traffic, leads and sales.
    • Offline2Online LeadGen: a lead generation system that reaches prospects where they are (offline), and effortlessly brings them into the online world, for increased website traffic, warm and hot leads, and new prospect development in your vertical industry.





Green Building Products & Services

Embedded Systems

Industrial Distribution

  • construction equipment, electrical components, hose and gaskets, machine tools, MRO, safety equipment, and others.


  • regional hospitals,  physician practices, medical specialties, medical tech services, and insurance

Medical Devices

Professional Services (especially for firms with specialty offerings in B2B markets)

  • Engineering, Environmental Consulting, Public Accounting, Legal, Architectural, Actuarial

Software (especially for specialty ISVs in B2B markets)


We are actively seeking partnerships and reseller agreements in verticals not listed here.


New approach, new company

… with a founder who has been in search and interactive marketing since the 1990s

… and staff who really know search and social media technology, yet are marketing professionals, focused on results

… with industry mavens in our target verticals who KNOW the industry, trends, market-makers, and media 

The Underlying Concept: 

The effects of Social Media and Web 2.0 are having a major impact on Search Marketing today. But, that’s not all. As more marketing budgets utilize the power, reach and feedback of the Internet, understanding what’s really happening and how to leverage these changes for real business benefit will be critical to business success. 

Digital Vertical Marketing is built on this new world order of online marketing, and our founder has coined the phrase: “Search 3.0” to illustrate how four factors converge to create new branding and positioning opportunities online.  

Search 3.0 is game-changing! 

Search 1.0 was about on-site optimization (thus, the term SEO) and making your online information visible, relevant and “found” by the search engines. Search 2.0 (most of what’s happening today) is focused on link development and other off-site optimizations, creating an online universe around your website to show popularity and add meaning. Search 3.0 is different: it’s about credibility, venerability and brand-building, and it’s happening now! 

Search 3.0 takes some of the best elements of early SEO and combines it with personalization technologies, the power of user-generated content and an emerging semantic web (originally envisioned by the founder of the World Wide Web). Search Marketing in a Search 3.0 world is still focused on the major search engines, but realizes there are new players in the search game. And from a commercial marketing standpoint, we now have new opportunities to find new prospects and customers.   

Find out more about how Search 3.0 might impact your industry. Or have Sean Branagan, Digital Vertical’s CEO & eVangelist, speak at your industry event. 


Strategic search, social media, and much more

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